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This blog is moving

We are moving away from hosting to another host provider. Please visit the new blog at The will be redirected to the new host soon.

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I’m 100% sure that 100% is not 100%

What I’ve learned about Nvidia vGPU Monitoring Monitoring a virtualization solution is important to know how the solution is performing and that you have sufficient resources available. This is even more important with 3D applications, because a little drop in … Continue reading

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Why GPU is important for ANY virtualization project

During an assessment I did this year together with Thomas Poppelgaard for a company that wanted to do 3D virtualization, we got a report of the GPU consuming applications, and we were surprised by the results. I cannot share the … Continue reading

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How Nvidia vGPU is sharing compute power and how to monitor and manage it. (updated)

UPDATE 2. SEPTEMBER 2014! I’ve received updated information about this topic from NVidia and Citrix, so this is a completely rewritten blogpost. With Nvidia and Citrix Xenserver vGPU, a GPU is shared between a numbers of virtual machines. Source: reading

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Citrix Receiver 4.x deployment script

  This is an updated version of my Citrix Receiver deployment script. It is the closest way to make the new CitrixReceiver work similar as the old PNAgent. This version works with Citrix Receiver 4.x versions. This script will: Terminate … Continue reading

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GPUPerf – realtime GPU and HDX info

At Citrix Synergy 2014 i showed a demo of Oculus Rift on HDX3Dpro, and I used a small tool to show real-time info about GPU usage and HDX info overlaid on the screen. This is a simple tool I developed … Continue reading

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An update about my experience with PVS.

This is an update to my previous blogposts about PVS 7.1 Cache to RAM with overflow to disk , How I increased IOPS 200 times with intermediate buffering, and Experience with PVS on Hyper-V. About cache to RAM: Citrix has … Continue reading

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