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Citrix Receiver 4.x deployment script

  This is an updated version of my Citrix Receiver deployment script. It is the closest way to make the new CitrixReceiver work similar as the old PNAgent. This version works with Citrix Receiver 4.x versions. This script will: Terminate … Continue reading

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Change the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise logon pages from GUI

Up until now it has been somewhat difficult to change the theme of the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise (AGEE) logon pages. The process has involved logging into the Netscaler/AGEE by means of SSH and manually customizing these pages. With the newly … Continue reading

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Configure Citrix Receiver Email-Based Discovery

Setting up the initial connection from Citrix Receiver has become much easier with the introduction of Email-Based Discovery in StoreFront 1.2. Users no longer need to know the name of the StoreFront server, Access Gateway FQDN or the name of … Continue reading

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Citrix Receiver 3.3 installation script

When Citrix has made it very easy to deploy, config and update Receiver 3.3, there is still a need for a deployment script in etnterprises. Why? The Receiver installer has some limitations: Unable to upgrade from any version that includes … Continue reading

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Citrix Cloud Gateway 2.0 and the new Citrix Receiver!

So, it’s finally here! Citrix released Cloud Gateway 2.0 and Receiver 3.3 for windows (5.6 for IOS) today. Here is a quick first impression. There was a live webinar demoing it. The products are available for download today! Cloud gateway … Continue reading

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